Easy Steps To Organize Your Closet


Your closet can be notoriously small and you might be wondering how you are going to organize items, and store your clothes neatly into to that tiny space without turning the whole thing into a cluttered mess. Or you could either have too many clothes and you could be currently trying to figure out a way to organize your big closet. Regardless of the reason that you need to organize your closet, there are numerous benefits of storing your items in an organized manner. You can begin your morning with a positive attitude by seeing your closet organized. You can make an easy clothing decision and be happy about having to avoid the chaos and stress of trying to find right outfit. It will be a great place for serenity. As woman it is important to have a place that you can call your own and the closet can be that happy place! Keeping all this in your mind you can start organizing your closet.

Making more space

Before starting to organize, take everything out of your closet and remove the clothes, other items that are damaged, and the clothes that no longer fit you. Sort through all your clothes, shoes and accessories and everything else you have had in your closet all this time. Pile up the clothes and start neatly folding them. Place your jewelries in a storage jewelry box. Keep everything separately until you start organizing. Add adjustable shelves to your closet so you can stack items more efficiently. Use baskets or small plastic bins to store smaller items. You can add a shoe rack in your closet. By placing the shoes in a shoe rack that hangs from the closet rod or sits on the floor will enable you to make better use of the space and helps you to keep your shoes more organized. You can install hooks above the door if that space is already empty to hang items that you frequently use.

Organizing the contents

Consider about mounting a pegboard on one wall, so that you can store all your frequently used small items such as accessories and sunglasses. For more protection ensure they are placed securely. As an example, you should keep your sunglasses safe in a sunglass case and all the other accessories in a jewelry box. Moreover, use waterfall hangers rather than using the regular ones to decrease the bulk. These hangers layer the clothes downwards so that they create less horizontal bulk. Use hang up bags if you don’t prefer storing items in bins and containers. Keep the contents of each bag separate and unique. For instance, you can store your socks in one bag and your undergarments or hair accessories in other different bags.

Arrange items compactly

Think of a sorting system you may organize your clothes by their type or color. Place the clothes separately by dividing the clothes into many different types. Organize the rest of the items by whatever sorting system you are comfortable with. Ensure to place the clothes and the items that you use frequently at the front center of your closet where you can easily reach.